PYA is introducing a Quality Marque (QM) to recognise members’ work of outstanding quality.

“The Quality Marque recognises outstanding quality.”

What is the Quality Marque?

Only PYA members will be able to have their books considered for a QM and only those books that have been awarded a QM may use PYA’s copyrighted QM symbol on their book covers, within their book and in marketing material for their work. The QM signifies to the literary, publishing and reader community that the authors work has satisfied our QM criteria.

How will members be able to submit their book?

We’re intending to introduce a pilot of the Quality Marque in Q1 of 2020 and a member will need to be a Full or Associate Member of PYA to submit their book for a Quality Assessment under the QM scheme. We strongly recommend that the book be checked and validated by a proficient editor before considering it for the PYA QM scheme. Once a member is happy that their work is the best it can be, they will be able to request a Quality Assessment by completing the QM Submission form (a link will become available when the pilot starts) and e-mailing it, or posting it, with their work to the address on the form with proof of payment of the submission fee (yet to be determined).

Must a book be published before it can be assessed?

Only published books will be considered for a QM, and they can be published independently, or through a literary agent or publisher. If a book is modified in any way after publication, the QM will lapse and the revised work will need to be reassessed for a QM.

What will the Process be?

After a book is submitted for a Quality Assessment it will be allocated to a five person evaluation team who will gauge the work using our templated criteria. Books that achieve, or exceed the required score from the appraisal will be awarded a QM. Those that have a lower score will be returned and feedback provided to the author on why their work was not awarded the Quality Marque. During the process, the submission will be acknowledged and the author will be provided with an estimated date of completion and an update if PYA is unable to meet this date. At the end of the process all authors will receive an assessment report for their work.

Is the QM to be competitive?

Authors will not be competing with each other in the award of a PYA QM, which will be conferred on books that are worthy of the recognition provided by the QM. There will be no limits on how many members’ books can be submitted, individually or collectively.