PYA is keen to promote membership of the group (for we’re stronger together) and also the work of its members. Whilst Board Champions will arrange events, we also encourage members to arrange their own and use the member communication opportunities available from PYA to promote the event. All events promoted must aim to further the vision of PYA. Helping PYA will help the membership and this will, in turn, help the individual.

“We’re stronger together.

PYA has links with Yorkshire’s libraries and its writing community and was successful in its bid to win a place at the Ilkley Literature Festival in 2019. A group of members performed from their work in a piece entitled A Gossip of Yorkshire Authors. They performed to a full house and PYA was congratulated on bringing Yorkshire writers’ work to a new audience using a fresh approach.

Remember that Board Champions will organise some events but we want members to be active and help PYA as a whole, in addition to themselves.