Promoting Yorkshire Authors (PYA) is a member led organisation with the sole purpose of promoting the work of authors who have a close connection with the County of Yorkshire, defined by the ancient boundaries of the three Ridings of Yorkshire, strictly within the vision, mission and values defined by PYA’s Charter.

“Promoting Yorkshire Authors (PYA) is a member led organisation.”

This Charter defines the mode of operation of PYA. With member approval, it can be altered and the charter defines how changes can be managed. Of necessity, it is a detailed and formal document that defines the legal structure of PYA, activities permitted by its officers and the articles of association under which PYA operates. There are some underlying principles that underpin the Charter.

What We Can Do
Officers are people who operate on behalf of PYA. Their role is to make its Vision and Mission a reality and work to the Values set for PYA.

Membership of PYA is open to real people only (not organisations, nor legally described corporations) and members must have a close connection with Yorkshire, and published (or be publishing or intending to publish) at least one book, independently or by traditional route.
Four classes of member are allowed but only full members are able to vote in a PYA election. The classes recognised are full (meets all criteria of membership), founder (is a full member but one who helped found PYA), fellow (an honorary member) and an associate (a member who doesn’t meet all of the criteria of full membership).

Within the Charter, PYA is governed by a small Board selected or elected by members from willing volunteers. All governance posts are voluntary and remuneration is not paid to any officer of PYA, except refunds of reasonable expenses. An initial interim board has been seconded to finalise the Charter and arrange elections to the real-board. It is expected that this board will stand for at least year and a maximum of three years.

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